Does it need a good interpretation app or is the old manual way better?

You can achieve true autonomy beyond completing cycle charts: After some years of
regular, systematic charting, you can learn to sense the rise and fall of your fertility. You
may stop taking your waking temperature and use a special setting on sympto, called
Billings Mode Program. Eventually you may not even need to enter any cervical fluid
observations or to keep record at all. However, this goal is not attainable for every woman
and, when it is, it may be limited to very well balanced life phases. sympto guarantees
effectiveness, sympto provides certainty. sympto helps improve self-awareness and if it
makes itself redundant in the process – all the better!
The recent emergence of fertility tracking programs on the many app markets has made
the STM popular once more, and proves that there is an interest in this method. A
breakthrough has not happened, yet. Most of these apps are illusory and inaccurate, a
mere means to profit off the desire women have to know their cycle. Instead of scrutinizing
these new apps by comparing them, people discount them in thoughtless hurry. In this
fashion, the manipulated app users get to dictate what is good or bad.
This lack of enlightenment reminds us that we are still waiting for the liberation of the
female. We pray that this manual become a starting point for new debates among young
women and an anchor for orientation. The Foundation also makes a special effort to
compare the symptothermal apps that are on the market. You can find the results as well
as an app rating on, “clinical studies”.

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